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Ethan Zuckerman: Blog Anonymously with

Ethan Zuckerman offers a way for bloggers to blog anonymously with .

Blogging anonymously is not for just anyone. Zuckerman is very clear that this technique is for those who are blogging at the risk of their lives, not trying to hide because it’s a “cool thing to do”. The process consists of a series of steps that require familiarity with the Firefox browser and some technical proficiency.

Zuckerman explains the reason behind presenting this technique:

One of the great joys of working on Global Voices has been having the chance to work with people who are expressing themselves despite powerful forces working to keep them silent. I’ve worked with a number of authors who’ve wanted to write about political or personal matters online, but who felt they couldn’t write online unless they could ensure that their writing couldn’t be traced to their identity. These authors include human rights activists in dozens of nations, aid workers in repressive countries as well as whistle blowers within companies and governments.

Freedom of speech often means working around government blocks and restrictions. More importantly, it can mean risking your life and that of your family if you get caught. You might want to protect your privacy, but for some people, blogging is about fighting for their rights to even have privacy rights.

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