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HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets Updated

Next to my article on horse sex, the consistently most popular post on is HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets, and I just updated it with new links and resources.

If you are looking for cheat sheets to help you with PHP, CSS, HTML/XHTML, search engines, Ruby, Rail, rewrite and htaccess, character codes and character entities, databases and SWL, and more, HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets is a great resource list.

I’ve added code paste bins and free online tools for converting HTML/XHMTL into text for publishing in your blog post content. And for the web designers out there, I’ve included Lorem Ipsum Online Free Generator for when you need a little “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit” as a text filler.

Cheat sheets are excellent tools to have around. Add them to your bookmarks or favorites list. I use a lot of code in my posts to explain how WordPress works, so I use the HTML converters all the time. Remembering all the CSS, HTML/XHTML tags and their attributes can be challenging, so why not check a cheat sheet for the specifics when memory fails.

I’ve put together a wide range of helpful link lists and resource references to help you find the tools you need to design your web pages, WordPress Themes, WordPress Plugins, and manage your website. Here are a few more:

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  1. Imprescindible lista de chuletas para php,html/xhtml,css y otras

    Imprescindible lista de chuletas/resúmenes que debe disponer todo desarrollador web.

  2. […] HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets Updated […]

  3. […] HTML, CSS, PHP, and More Cheat Sheets Updated […]

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