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Blogging Challenge: Blog The Opposite of You

Blogging is about opinions. That is the defining difference between a website and a blog. Opinions. Freedom of speech. Freedom of expression. Having my say. This week’s is to blog in someone else’s shoes.

Write a post on your blog as if you were the opposite of who you are.

Since blogging is about opinions, I challenge you to see the world from a new perspective, the opposite perspective of yours. Since opinions make up the core of blogging, it helps to understand the other side, so why not take some time to see their world through the opposition’s eyes.

You need to “walk a mile in their shoes” and understand the other side, whether or not you believe in it. Use this blogging challenge to put on someone else’s blogging shoes and walk the length of a blog post in them. Taking the opposite stance can help reinforce your own personal beliefs or maybe even change them. It doesn’t matter what you write about, just write as if you were inside of their skin and head.

What is the opposite of you? Good question. It can be a physical opposite, an age opposite, a belief opposite, a cultural opposite…it can be whatever opposite you think of when you think of what type of person would be the opposite of who and what you are and what you blog about.

Are you over 50? Then I want you to write a post as if you were under 20. Include a lot of “likes”, “punk’d”, “wows”, and “kindas”, or whatever the current jargon of under 20 year olds. Are you under 20? Then write as if you were over 50. Use big words. 😉

Are you a woman? Then write a post as a male. Are you black? Then write a post as if you were white or brown. Are you white? Then pick a color and write as if you were another color. Are you Jewish? Then write a post as if you were Muslim or Christian or Buddhist or Mormon. Are you a Christian, pick any other religion and write as if you were that. Are you Indian? Maybe Chinese? Or Australian? Write as if you were a US citizen, German, French, Pakistani, or Israeli.

Write the opposite of your political beliefs if your blog is political in nature. If you’re a republican, then write as a democrat. If you are a stanch monarchist, write as a socialist. If you blog with religious fervor, then write a post from the position of an atheist.

Combine some of the elements together to create the opposite. If you are a single, white male over 50, write a post as if you were a married 20 year old female, and add a child or two to the clutter of your young, working and raising children life.

Take care not to condemn the virtual person you create as you blog their thoughts and opinions from their point of view. Many times we’ll play this game but actually do it out of pity. For example, an extremely religious person playing the roll of an atheist might want to highlight how empty their life is without their belief in a higher power. Truth is, most atheists have a stronger moral code and ethic value system than many religious, and their lives are anything but empty. Don’t judge them through your assumptions. Go deeper. Get inside of their thought process and blog as if they were really having a say on your blog.

For those of you into CSI, Monk, and crime investigation shows, this is a great way to play Sherlock Holmes and get inside the head of the opposite of you to figure out how they think and what they would blog about on your blog if given the opportunity. For those of you with a little acting experience or actor dreams, this is a chance to dig into the psyche of the opposite of you and do a little roll playing. How would they blog if they were the opposite of you?

Whatever you are, think about what type of person would be the total opposite of you and write a post in that voice and style.

Part Two: How Did Writing About the Opposite of You Impact Your Blogging?

Part two of this week’s blogging challenge is to then write about how writing in the blogging words of the opposite of you affected you. Did it? What was it like to view your own blog through their eyes? Did you see a difference? Has it changed how you blog and what you blog about? Did this work for you? If so, tell us how. What did you learn?

When you’ve written your opposite perspective post, provide a trackback to this post, and/or come back and tell us about the experience. What was it like to blog in someone else’s shoes?

Oh, and stay tuned for a really fun blog challenge coming very soon!

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  1. Posted July 2, 2008 at 8:21 am | Permalink

    Great concept, especially when i get writers block on my blog writing. I can safely say that I never have thought about writing in an opposite of the real me.

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