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What Businesses Should Know Before Building a Website

456 Berea Street’s “10 Things Businesses Should Know Before Building a Website” is extremely helpful when considering how to build a website for a business. It begins by understanding that most businesses don’t understand the web, and then is complicated by the fact that most web designers today don’t understand the web.

It’s perfectly understandable that people who do not work in the Web business don’t understand everything about the Web. But the same way you need to do research before you buy a house, a car, or a dishwasher you need to make sure you know at least some basic facts before you start paying someone to build a website. If you don’t, chances are you won’t be getting what you need.

…Most people in the Web industry are clueless. It may sound harsh, but I really think that’s the sad truth. The majority of Web workers out there should either update their skills to what is required in the 21st century or find something else to do.

…You only get what you pay for. If you get something cheap, there is always a catch. The lowest bidder is the lowest bidder for a reason. Remember that.

Would you go to a neighbor to get your Porsche’s sensitive electronics repaired? Only if the neighbor is an expert in Porsche repair. Then why should you go to a neighbor who designed a blog or two for their friends to design the web “face” of your business online? You get what you pay for, and even then, without good research, you often get 10 year old web design technology unless you understand what you are getting.

If you want a business website, hire a professional, one whose mortgage payment depends upon getting it right. The first time.

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