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Nadgouda’s Iface Thoughts Moving to Full Version WordPress

Abhijit Nadgouda of iface thoughts has moved from to a full version WordPress blog and shares his experiences.

The new home is still not completely set, I am working on it but the basics are setup. I will continue to work on the interiors whenever I get time in the coming weeks. Please bear with me till it gets stable.

This is where I have landed from my very first blog. is an excellent service, it was just that I wanted to try more. However, the fact is that I have been spoiled by my earlier blog which was auto-managed (atleast for me). Now I have to look at a host of things, right from SEO to statistics to plugins. It is still very satisfying to create my own theme which targets my requirements. Being able to customize WordPress completely gives a lot of conviction.

Blogging with is easy. The focus is totally on the blogging and little is on the rest of the responsiblities of a full version blog like web page design details, finding a host, installation, trial and error with code and WordPress Plugins, and the great bork in the blogs that tend to smack us when we think things are going smoothly. Running a full version blog where you control everything, and have the ability to break anything, is much more complicated than a free blog.

I’ll be talking more about moving from a blog to a full version WordPress blog soon, but in the meantime, enjoy and learn from Nadgouda’s experiences.

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