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Blog Challenge: Testing Your Blog Clicking Experience

What do you click on a blog?

For the next few days to a week, I want you to take note of what you click on when you visit a blog. Most people either revisit blogs they enjoy or find them through search engines. When you arrive on the blog and find the information you want, you might leave, or you might be compelled to stick around and find out what else there is to see and read. So what do you click?

There are two parts to this week’s . First, identify what you typically click on the various blogs you visit, and second, why. Why do you click?

What and Why Do You Click on a Blog?

The various parts of a blog you might click on could be links from the related or most recent posts, the post title to leave the main page and actually look at the individual post, the ads, blogroll links, archives, calendar, navigation elements like next and previous, or what? What do you click on?

Why do you click on these various elements? If you click on the related or most recent posts, what about them caught your eye? Was it the wording in the title or the fact that the title was related to your interest? Was it because it was red or orange?

Did you click on a category link because it might contain more information on what you came there looking for? Did you click on the archives or calendar to find out what they may have written in May 2005? Was there a name on the blogroll that caught your eye, or did the article impress you enough that you felt you could trust the blogger’s reputation for recommendations?

Did you click the ads because you were interested in the product or because you wanted to help the blogger earn money? Were the clickable items obvious to you and you clicked them just because you noticed them, or was there a reason?

Clicking habits are analyzed by blog and web experts all around the world, especially in relationship to business and commerce. The economics of who-clicks-what-for-what-reason motivates online advertisers and search engine experts. Don’t you think you should have a better understanding of your own clicking habits?

This information is also helpful to understand what you, as a blog reader, click on other blogs so you can figure out how to improve your clickability on your own blog.

What do you click and why when reading other people’s blogs? Write about it on your blog with a trackback here, or post a comment below so we understand your clicking habits.

This is just one of a series of ongoing . So far, you’ve been challenged to to Tell Us a Story, Top 10 Keywords for Your Blog (which will play a very important role in an upcoming challenge, hint, hint!), Blog About What You Know, Who Is Linking To You?, Who is Writing Your Blog, and Blogging Challenge: Describe Your Blogging Audience.

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