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Creating Attention Getting Linkable Content

Internet Vibes offers “How to Create Content That Will Get You Loads of Links” by David Callan is an easy-to-read article with tips on how to get people to link to your blog and your blog’s content.

When one is looking for links, the focus changes from your prospective clients out there to fellow bloggers in more or less the same line of business. This means that you have to be familiar with blogs that are closely related to the topic or subject area of your own blog.

What kind of content would they be interested in referring their visitors to at the moment? These are the sort questions you will need to ask yourself and answer accurately before you can even begin working on a strategy to get related high-traffic sites to link to your content.

Callan continues with suggestions on improving your incoming links and link popularity by writing topical and “hot” topics, controversial topics, and being part of the conversation between blogs.

It all boils down to content. Content. Content. Content.

In the simplest of terms: Write something other people want to link to.

Think about it. What topics do you link to? What things grab your attention and hold it for more than a few seconds? What “gets your goat” or makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck? What things do you want to learn? What do you want to know? Those are the things other people want to read, so write about them and you will attract readers and linkers.

And When The Traffic Arrives…What Next?

I know I’m being redundant on this topic but people just don’t seem to get it. Well…GET IT!

You can write the most fabulous, awe inspiring post that gives people what they want to read. You can get crowds of traffic that breaks your host’s server. You can watch your traffic levels poke right up through the top of your chart. You can get thousands of people linking to your post.


If you don’t have anything for them to return for, who cares?

Flash in the pan. Sparkler in the night. Spin of the wheel. You got lucky once. You’ve blown your one shot. Once you’ve burned out that post’s popularity, what reason do you give people to come back?

When caught up in the thrill of a sudden boom in traffic, remember that your best customers are the return customers. Those willing to return and read what you write and tell their friends, those who subscribe to your blog with their Feedburner account, or just keep up with your blog through their own feed reader – those are the ones you really want. Crowds are fickle. Your repeat customers are your fans, the ones more likely to comment, and the ones who keep coming back for more.

You just have to make them want to come back for more.

So how do you do that? We’ll be talking about that more very soon. Stay tuned.

Shhh, that’s a hint. 😉

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