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Google Patent News You Need To Know

I’ve discussed much about the patents and technology of how Google gathers information from websites, ranks and rates them, and generates search results. Well, there is new news about Google’s recently received patents you need to know about.

Google’s World reports on two patents Google won today, and I’d like to call your attention to the Document retrieval system with access control and System and method for searching and recommending objects from a categorically organized information repository, the second group mentioned:

A search and recommendation system employs the preferences and profiles of individual users and groups within a community of users, as well as information derived from categorically organized content pointers, to augment Internet searches, re-rank search results, and provide recommendations for objects based on an initial subject-matter query. The search and recommendation system operates in the context of a content pointer manager, which stores individual users’ content pointers (some of which may be published or shared for group use) on a centralized content pointer database connected to the Internet. The shared content pointer manager is implemented as a distributed program, portions of which operate on users’ terminals and other portions of which operate on the centralized content pointer database. A user’s content pointers are organized in accordance with a local topical categorical hierarchy. The hierarchical organization is used to define a relevance context within which returned objects are evaluated and ordered.

I’ve written about this before, and in basic English, this statement, a part of the original 2000 dated submission, says that Google will monitor what you search and view and associate that information with you. Their efforts will lead to targeted search profiling, increasing the odds of generating search results based upon your history of searching. In other words, it’s like visiting a restaurant that “knows you” and only being served what they know you will like because you’ve established history and reputation with them.

While this is probably not the last in the patents that will slowly take away the novelty of your search engine results, customizing them to your every past want, it is still something to pay close attention to. Targeted advertising, marketing, junk mail, spam, and now search results are homogenizing our world, serving us only what we expect, not what is possible. It might help in the short run, but I like surprises. Don’t you? Puts spice in the variety of life.

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  1. sukhi
    Posted April 19, 2006 at 8:41 am | Permalink

    Yup, me likes suprises too.
    Anyway, I’m mostly not signed-in when I search, so I do get the full search results than the ones that some “machine” thinks I’d prefer.;-)

  2. Posted April 23, 2006 at 12:34 am | Permalink

    I’m not too concerned. I’m only a disabling of the search history function away from removing my information and getting my surprises again. Otherwise, it’d be a clearing of my cache and its cookies, I’m assuming. Oh, and one can always use another search engine. 😉 (But most of the others suck, and we all know it.)

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