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Beyond Earth – Google Mars and Google Moon

I know a lot of you have been playing around with the many toys and gadgets offered by Google, including Google Maps and Google Earth, but did you know that you can also Google Moon and Google Mars?

Google Mars is fabulous fun, a wonderful way to bring Mars up close and personal. Similar to the maps and satellites of Google Maps and Google Earth, Google Mars offers you views of Mars from satellite pictures, elevation, and infrared. You can zoom in to the landing sites of the Mars Rover and Spirit.

Google Moon features satellite images and locations of the various moon landings. It’s a strange map to see at first because it is the planet flattened. The pole areas look like they feature much bigger craters, but if you look closely, you will see how these are actually stretched to fill in the whole space instead of featuring leaves on a pedal with gaps.

There is also a secret revealed with Google Moon. Don’t tell everyone. This is highly secret information that Google has risked life and limb and security, not to mention all the secrecy laws they have probably violated in the process. So, can you keep the secret?

Zoom in slowly on Google Moon, to get closer and closer to the moon’s surface. If you look too close, you can see what the moon is really made of. But don’t tell!

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  1. Neeraj
    Posted April 20, 2006 at 12:32 am | Permalink

    WOW !!! I ain’t telling no one 🙂

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