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Thank a Blogger Today

Brendan McPhillips has bravely offered his “Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme” as an example to others of how grateful we should be towards those who helped us get here.

Inspired by the loss of a some noted, altruistic celebrities, and the gushing thanks from the recent Oscars, McPhillips decided it was time he held his own awards ceremony to give thanks to those who help him blog better.

…I want to extend this sense of appreciation to the whole blogging community. I want to publicly thank all of the fellow bloggers that, although they don’t know it, have helped me very much. I also think that this kind of public thanks is the best way we can show our fellow bloggers how much we appreciation each other (maybe “tipping? is the best way and please do so if it’s accepted and you have the means). So let’s see if we can start a Thank You Fellow Bloggers Meme. Who has helped you start your blog? Who has taught you how to increase traffic to your blog? Who has shown you how to earn money from your blog? Who has best explained the key blog characteristics like comments, trackbacks, tags, categories and blogrolls? Who taught you about RSS and feed aggregators? In general, let’s publicly thank our fellow bloggers, particularly those that don’t already know us, who have helped us with our blogging.

I wanted to post this right away so you could consider your thank you list while I consider mine. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and this is a good reminder to continue to show appreciation for the amazing efforts so many have given to help us all blog better, wiser, and stronger.

And yes, I’m mentioned in the thank yous. I’m humbled at such recognition. Still, this is a wonderful thing to do.

Who are you thankful for helping you blog and helping you learn how all this web stuff works? Which bloggers inspire you and keep you on the blogging track? If you were to stand in front of an audience of millions today, honored for your blogging, who would you thank? And why?

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    Thank you.

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