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The New Face of the WordPress Plugins Database

A fantastic repository for all things WordPress Plugins, aka The WordPress Plugins Database has long been THE place to find up-to-date and awesome WordPress Plugins. Unfortunately, with the downfall of the incredible WP-Plugins Manager last year (and I’m eagerly waiting its rebirth guys!), and the many other resources for WordPress Plugins, fell by the wayside. That is until recently.

The WordPress Plugins Database has had a face lift and is looking better than ever. With the help of AJAX and some powerful designers and developers, it is BACK and better than ever.

It still works basically the same way. Click on a category and the plugins within that category are expanded out showcasing basic information to help you decide if this is the plugin for you. Click on the tab and visit the information page about the plugin, with a link to download the WordPress plugin, get more help, and learn more.

They’ve included ads and a PayPal link to make it easy for those who rejoice in the life changing experience a great WordPress Plugin provides to give some back to those who work so hard to bring such joy. The design is clearer, cleaner, and faster to use.

Those of you who write WordPress Plugins, be sure and submit your WordPress Plugins to the WordPress Plugin Database so we can get these all in at least two places, there and the WordPress Codex.

Great job! Now work on bringing back the joy of my life, the WordPress Plugin Manager, which made life with WordPress Plugins so dang easy. Then you will receive all my hugs and kisses galore!

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