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Read Brian Bailey’s Building a Better Blog Now

Wow! Leaving It Behind’s Brian Bailey wrote “Building a Better Blog” and I applaud it.

Do not underestimate the power of Google as you raise your site’s traffic. As you’re content grows and your posts are linked to or commented on, search engines will bring more and more visitors. Google in particular seems to highly value weblog posts in their rankings, allowing rather small blogs to show up on the first page of search results with large, established corporate sites. I estimate that over 20% of my daily traffic is from search engine traffic. Many of these people read the related post, but then spend a short time browsing the rest of the site, which is another reason why Tell Us Who You Are and How to Contact You is so important. I also recommend placing a Where Do I Start? collection of your best, most representative writing on the front page to help people get up to speed quickly.

Bailey hits it all right on top of the head. From the fact that content matters to promoting your blog by becoming active, involved, and visible, all are excellent points. READ THIS.

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