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New Features for New Themes, Import, Video Links, and Some Privacy Protection

The developers of and have been working overtime lately and there are a few new features for users to play with.

One of the most popular requests from users is how to import their old blogs into Well, there are now three import features for Blogger, Moveable Type, and Typepad available from the Administration Panels > Import. If this works well, other blogging tools will be added soon.

The other most popular request is for new Themes, and new ones are coming in all the time. It seems Theme Friday means watching each Friday for new Themes added to your Presentation panel. Remember, not all WordPress Themes are fully themed, but the developers are test driving the themes and fixing them as best as they can, though it is up to the Theme designer to fill in all the blanks. Test drive each new Theme carefully before committing yourself. And remember, you can always switch, with your moods or the seasons.

The second new feature is the ability to add video support for YouTube videos to your posts. The format is a bit unusual so read through that post to find more specific information, but basically instead of using a traditional link, you use a link format with brackets:

[youtube=] developers work hard to protect users from evil scripts and code, so they are testing this process out as a way of permitting YouTube videos as a test run, and if this works, they may add more similar features.

Another interesting feature found under Options > General is the new privacy option. Click the check box to get full SEO features such as inclusion in search engines and tag directories. It states:

I would like my blog to appear in search engines like Google and Technorati, and in public listings around

If you uncheck the box, your blog will not “ping” Google, Technorati, and other search engines and directories when publishing a post. Your blog will also not appear on the Dashboard in the top 10 blogs or other listings there.

If you want your blog to be “found” then check this box. If you want people to find your blog in search engines, check this box. If you want some search engine optimization (SEO) coverage, page rank, and promotion, then check this box. If you want to compete with other blogs for the top 10 position, and see your most recent posts in the most recent posts section, then check this box.

If you want it to remain private, only found by those you tell or specific mentions or links to your blog, uncheck the box. I can only assume that this option overrides individually marked posts for Allow Comments and Allow Pings in the Write Post panel, another method of closing off your blog to the public.

The developers are taking feedback and requests from users seriously, so stay tuned for more fun and toys coming your way.

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  1. RobertEH
    Posted October 23, 2009 at 12:06 am | Permalink

    I’m gonna use this one for sure.
    Till now I was using

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