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2005 – The Year of the Tag

In an interesting synopsis, Tagsonomy reports on “The Year in Tags” with a review of the expansion and development of tags in blogs, search engines, and more.

2005 has proven that tags are both big (in the financial sense) and useful. Whether or not tagging is a game-changer will, I think, depend on what Yahoo, Amazon and Google do with tags in 2006. But with three big players in the tagging game there’s a lot of opporunity for innovation.

Highlights of tags over the past year:

Technorati introduces tags (January)…Yahoo buys Flickr (March)…Yahoo launches My Web 2.0 (June). Yahoo integrated search, social networks and tags in its My Web 2.0 product…Flickr adds interestingness and clustering (August)…Hurricane Katrina (September). Tags not only helped keep people connected during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, they tethered together many disparate pieces of content so we could make sense of complex, evolving, intertwingled events…Google adds tagging. Kind of. (October)…Amazon launches tags (November)…Google Base launches with tagging. Kind of. (November)…Yahoo buys (December)…Folksonomy makes the NY Times Magazine “Year in Ideas? list (Decemember).

Tags have come a long way in the past 12 months. Rumors were flying around early in the year that Yahoo was after Technorati, which created quite the backlash, so it was surprising that the announcement of the purchase of by Yahoo, rumored to be USD $30 million, a hefty chunk of change for a brand new concept, was a minor upset in the blogging world now accustomed to tags and buyouts.

So tags are with us and I’ll be having a series of articles about tagging to help you understand more about how it works and how to use them better. To help get you started, here is a review of recent posts I’ve written on tagging:

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