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Break Your Mental Constipation

I have to admit that the title of this post by Greg Balanko-Dickson attracted my attention more than it should have, but it is a fabulous title. Break Your Mental Constipation is a brilliant article with tips on how to break down the barriers that slow up or even lock up your thinking, something all writers and bloggers need.

He highlights some great ideas from the book Jump Start Your Business Brain by Doug Hall to break up your mental constipation.

I did a post a while ago on Looking for Blogging Ideas, and I’m working on an article that offers a wide range of suggestions for finding material to blog about and inspiration, but for now, use some of the suggestions Greg highlights. They are good ones.

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    Hi Lorelle:

    When I am really stuck for ideas or tired I use a fabulous tool from the Creativity Portal. It is called the Imagination Prompt it is a page where you push a button and it inserts random questions to get your thinking going. For example, when I went there to day, I found the following suggestions:

    How old would you be if you didn’t know your real age?
    Did you have a favorite blanket or toy? Tell about it.
    What was my favorite vacation or trip ever — list 10 reasons why

    For example, I just wrote this about “My favorite vacation and 10 reasons why it was the best ever.” in 10 minutes.

    Spontaneous: we left for Las Vegas within 12 hours of deciding to go.
    Low Cost:: we flew standby which saved our cash for the 7 day vacation.
    Splurged: we took the most expensive room we could afford in downtown Las Vegas at out favorite Casino – the Golden Nugget>
    A Show-a-Day: we purchased advanced tickets to a new show each day. The highlight as Siegfried & amp; Roy
    The Flexibility: WE did what we wanted when we wanted. We slept until 4PM, get up and have breakfast, play the slots, have lunch at 12 midnight, or a fine dinner.
    Made New Friends: social butterfly I am not, but on this vacation we met an nice couple and would hang out together.
    A Real Rest: I am not sure why but this vacation was the most restful and relaxing of any previous. I think it was because we needed a break and gave ourselves permission to enjoy and relax.
    No Schedule: so much of our life is scheduled, calendared, and prioritized. We did not follow a routine.
    Poolside: there is nothing quite like a poolside bar in Las Vegas, all the beautiful people, drinks, snacks and swim.
    I Won a Jackpot at The Airport: awaiting our boarding call, I decided to play a nickel slot and won a small jackpot. Just enough to go home with a little cash in my pocket.

    The key is to try something different to break the Mental Constapation. 🙂

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