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Social Bookmarking Managers – And the Winner Is?

Quimble has a new poll on your favorite Social Bookmarking Manager going and you are invited to participate.

Don’t know what Social Bookmarking Managers are? Well, do , , , or ring any bells?

No? Well, a Social Bookmarking Manager is an online (or offline) tool that helps you keep track of your bookmarks, plus more. You are familiar with Favorites or Bookmarks that you can save in your browser to return to favorite places repeatedly, right? These work from your computer. Social Bookmarking Managers work mostly online. And the “social” part of these bookmark managers is that you can see what other people bookmark, and how many people bookmarked or scored the link, and then see which bookmarked links are getting the most, or the least, attention.

So choosing a social bookmarking manager is not just about keeping a record of your favorites or bookmarks. It is about sharing them with the world and finding new ones, especially popular ones. If you are a blogger, then you will scour through the most popular bookmarks and possibly blog about them. And, if you are a blogger, then you will hunt for articles you have written to see if they have been bookmarked and to watch them to move up the charts of social acceptance towards the top of the most popular list…and then watch it fall as all fads do.

Social bookmarking is a combination of recommendations and gaming. It goes like this:

“I bring this to your attention because I think it has value.”

“I like it, too, so I think I’ll mark it as having value, too.”

“Me, too. Marked.”

“Hey, everyone is marking this, so it must be interesting, so I’ll mark it, too.”

“Okay, so it wasn’t that interesting. I’ll unmark it now.”

“But I liked it. I think I’ll mark it.”

“It’s my article! Wow, look at it getting a lot of attention. They like me!”

“I like it. I think I’ll write about it.”

“It’s my article and they really like me, and maybe what I wrote, too.”

“I’m looking for hot items to blog about. Oh, this is getting a lot of attention. I think I’ll blog about it.”

“It’s my article and they really, really like what I wrote. Look at all the incoming links and visitors to my blog!”

“I think this is a great article. I wonder what else they have that might be interesting in here.”

“Oh, this is old news. I’ll unmark it now.”

“Hey, I bookmarked this article and now it’s losing points. Got to go find something else really hot to bookmark.”

“This is so old hat. Gone from my list.”

“Did I see this last week?”

“It’s my article and now I have to come up with something even better to get their attention again.”

And so on. Up and down, but hopefully up. The crowd decides whose articles live or die for popularity.

The key to successful social bookmark gaming is to get in with the right crowd. If you bookmark a post in a social bookmarking manager service with 100 users on the service, then the odds are that going up and down the scale of popularity won’t have as much meaning as getting dugg by Digg with thousands of users competing for what’s hot. Social bookmarking Managers that allow you to import or monitor your bookmarks from several different bookmarking services gets you even more coverage.

So the popularity game is played with more than just inside the social bookmarking managers. It is also played with the social bookmarking managers, and the most popular managers get the most traffic. The Quimble poll may help you see which ones are the most popular, but remember, you are still going to use it. Look at how they work to find which bookmarking manager will best serve your needs. And then stick with it for a while to see how it does and if you like it. In order to use it and make it work for you, you have to enjoy using the service. It’s also part of the game.

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  1. Posted January 14, 2006 at 2:40 am | Permalink

    Very good explanation! Your ‘It goes like this’ it’s exactly that!
    (must add that the ‘dugg by Digg’ hightlight looks nice but got me confused as it showed nothing in the status bar, made me look the source code…)
    But the poll isn’t very scientific as lot of people have pointed out to me.
    And so the winner is? 😉
    (Note: I also have a WP blog but I’m a bit fustrated be the online version, we can’t style it. )

  2. Posted January 14, 2006 at 8:28 am | Permalink

    Thanks for the tip about the link not working. strips out anything that isn’t exactly right, and the link might have been a little messed up so I fixed it.

    Popularity polls are never scientific. Either way, if enough people vote from across a wide spectrum, it’s a pretty good indicator.

    As for blogs, if you want to style it, get the full version. It’s free. Have fun. But if you want to blog, then get is for bloggers not stylers and tweakers. It’s also a test site, so if you want a free blog, you can help WordPress developers improve WordPress for everyone.

  3. Posted January 14, 2006 at 6:28 pm | Permalink

    Thanks! But I don’t feel ready to host myself yet.
    (NB: I’ve mentionned you in my blog->

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