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Feed Your Ego – Literally

Feedster Ego Builder Feed will help you feed your ego, literally.

Update 2010: Feedster is closed, but there are many ways to monitor your social media exposure and activities today. Google Alerts – Monitor the Web for interesting new content, Twitter searches, WordPress Plugins, and social web monitoring services. I am leaving this post up as an example of a past option on social monitoring for historical purposes, and an incentive to create a Plugin or web app to replace this.

If you want to track who is talking about you, since you do talk so much about whatever it is you talk about, then you can add your name and blog address to Feedster’s Ego Builder custom feed maker and two custom feeds will be made with you in mind. One is for full feeds and the other for summaries – for those who have so much said about them, they just can’t keep up with it all. Just add the feed links to your feed reader.

So, go on and feed your ego with Feedster’s Ego Feeder. And while you are at it, it might help you keep track of who is stealing your blog content and keeping your name on the material.

Or why not feed your ego by submitting someone else’s name so you can keep track of what is being said about them? Ha ha! Hee! Hee!

<insert evil laughter here>

Actually, if you are writing about an industry lead by a few specific people, then you would want to know what they are saying. For instance, you can create a custom feed to monitor what is being said about , main developer of WordPress, or even Bill Gates, and you know who he is.

Another example would be to track what people are saying about me. The feed link created by Feedster includes a search for “lorelle” and “vanfossen” in a pattern that is “NEAR” to each other, connecting my first and last name, though a lot of people only use my first name, so I can change the feed to look for “lorelle” near “wordpress”. The feed link looks like this (spaces added for formatting): vanfossen+-site%3A sort=date&ie=& limit=15&type=rss

The minus is to eliminate any mention of me found on this blog, so I only get mentions of me and WordPress off this site.

If you are into customizing and tweaking, and you get more than 15 results a day on your name (famous, huh?), then you can manually change the results to list more than limit=15 by making a change like this to 25 results: vanfossen+-site%3A sort=date&ie=& limit=25&type=rss

I’m sure you feed experts out there can offer even more tweaking, but this is enough for feeding your ego. And if you scan this post with your feed reader, you will find the feeds for Matt and I. What a couple. 😉

So, in addition to yourself, who would you want to monitor to feed your ego? Hmmm?

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