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Comment Spam Fighter Spam Karma 2.1 Released

For those who have followed my exploits battling comment spam over the past year, and have employed the same thorough techniques to save your site from horrid comment spammers, you will be excited to know that there is a new release of Spam Karma 2.

As a reminder, these are the tools used on my sites to combat comment spam. comes loaded with Akismet and Bad Behavior last time I looked. Both are available to users.

In my full version blogs of WordPress, I use Bad Behavior to stop the comment spam before it gets in the door, and then anything that slips through, I nail with Spam Karma 2. Between the two of these, I get much less comment spam on my full-fledged sites than on Though, I have to admit that blogs are getting a lot more attention from comment spammers than my little old sites, but there have been days when hundreds of comment spammers came knocking and Bad Behavior and Spam Karma 2 fought them off with nary a criminal making an appearance on my blogs.

Akismet and Spam Karma 2 are similar in that they show you what gets through the first doors, allowing you to determine if they are indeed comment spam or not. Yes, on occasion good comments get intercepted by comment spam catchers. If the comment has certain words or uses 3 or more links, it almost always is determined to be comment spam. At the least, WordPress will hold it for moderation, awaiting your determination on its final fate.

Control of what gets through or not on is controlled by Akismet developers, so if you are hearing from people who complain that their good comments are not getting through, then contact them via the Feedback link in your Administration Panels. Control of what gets through or not is for Spam Karma 2 is controlled by the Spam Karma tab in your Manage Administration Panel.

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