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WordPress 2.0 Breaks Ecto – Here’s the Fix

If you are currently using Ecto to post to your WordPress blog, and you upgrade to WordPress 2.0, according to the Ecto developers, it will break Ecto. But rest assured, the WordPress Development team sprung into action and a fix is available.

I recommend not to upgrade to WordPress 2.0 yet as it breaks file upload via ecto and other blog clients. I posted a message to the wordpress-testers mailing list and am hoping they can fix the bug…It worked in a previous 2.0 beta version that I had used, and there were several changes in the xmlrpc.php file between the two versions and all related to the upload function.

The fix involves changes to wp-includes/functions-post.php, so check out the do-it-yourself fix on Ecto’s blog.

Still, a new update says that the fix isn’t perfect yet:

However… with these fixes in place, you cannot specify destination directories anymore. In ecto, if you reveal the attachment settings sheet, you must leave the “Destination:? field blank. If you prefer to specify your own upload sub-directories, use the xmlrpc.php file from an earlier 2.0 beta version, which I kept around.

Advice: If you are in love with Ecto, don’t upgrade to WordPress 2.0 until this matter is finally resolved and the patches added to the stable version download. If you aren’t technically inclined, then do not upgrade to WordPress 2.0 to avoid making these changes. If you anxious to have WordPress 2.0 and you are technically inclined, then dig into the code and make the fixes and stay tuned for more.

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