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Are You Making Predictions for the Internet in 2006?

There have been a few predictions for what is going to happen with the Internet in 2006. My favorite is by Jason Calacanis:

1. Someone will do the Wikipedia version of Weblogs, Inc. and and it will fail because it never reaches critical mass.

2. 30 of the 50 blog networks will fizzle out and/or die. Only one or two (other than Gawker) will break 20M pages a month. The blog network space is just way too crowded, and if you can’t go big at this point you’re gonna have a real hard time doing a *real* network (say 20 blogs or more). Now, you’ll do just fine if you stay focused on a narrow niche that you can own.

3. Metblogs and Gothamist will both raise venture or seed capital.

4. DIGG will be bought by CNET.

5. CNET will be bought by Yahoo or Fox Interactive/Newscorp.

It’s very interesting to see what an important roll that blogging will play on the Internet in 2006. And if, as many are predicting, there will be another huge terrorist or natural diaster, blogging will become even more critical as a resource for news and information, especially for those with access to the Internet not dependent upon cable, electricity, or city infrastructures.

Personally, my only prediction is that wireless and mobile technologies will boom as will all attempts to make money with wireless networks (stupid stupid stupid). Oh, and that fascination with blogging will continue.

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