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Top 10 Worst Americans – Not Just Your Average Top 10 List

With very innovative style, All Things Beautiful is challenging the Blogosphere to blog about their Top 10 Worst Americans, and it appears to be taking the blog world by storm.

The post itself is a challenge, not a list. From within the post and comments are numerous links to bloggers not only listing their top 10 worst Americans, but doing it with zeal, style, and, well, bloggermania.

If you want a look at those bloggers feel are the worst Americans, looking back across over 200 years not just the past few years, then you are in for some surprises and fun. If you want to accept their challenge, then head on over and blog about your favorite bad US Citizens and make sure you include a link so a trackback will appear on the blog, or comment on the blog with a link to your list if your blog doesn’t have trackback features.

I’m wondering if they will have some kind of popularity contest and actually list the top 10 worst Americans from all the top ten lists created so we can really get a better evaluation on who is really the worst of the worst.


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