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Missing the Referers Tab?

If you have suddenly been missing the Referers tab from your Manage Panel in your blog, I thought I’d let you know that it has moved. The Referers panel provided some basic blog statistics on visitors, search engine links, and incoming links, as well as most popular posts. I’ll write in more detail about this later, but the developers have decided to clean up this entire page to make it more helpful and informative, and this included a move of the tab to the Dashboard panel and a new tab name Blog Stats.

I’m not too thrilled with it’s location as I liked the convenience of having it on the Manage Panel (makes more sense, too). Still, this is a new and improved feature for blog statistics with much better listing.

A couple weeks ago, they switched the Referers history from one month to 7 days and I hate it, so if you hate it, then let them know through the Feedback link, and tell them what you think is an appropriate time period. Personally, I like two weeks to a month as I travel so much and often go quite a few days between checks.

The new location and layout for the Referers is still under development so your input is critical right now during the testing phase. I know it’s the holidays and a busy time for a lot of people, but take a look and tell them what you think.

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