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Admit it, You Are a Closet Star Trek Fan Like Me

Okay, admit it. I’ll admit it if you do. I’m a closet Star Trek Fan. Okay, not so closet, but still a fan. Not the kind of fan who knows the name of the wife of some third rate character that appeared in the 47th episode of Deep Space Nine, but still a fan. The kind of fan who gets heart broken when the Star Trek franchise and fandom is assaulted or weakened.

News is out that will close it’s doors on December 31, 2005.

We all know that you have seen on the net that is about to close its doors. This is true and has been confirmed by Trek United through many various sources in and around Paramount Pictures and Viacom. began its online presence in February of 1995 and has been the gathering point for most all Star Trek fans worldwide.
December 31st the site will be going offline. We cannot help but to feel that a part of our history is leaving us all especially after the cancellation of the latest series Star Trek: Enterprise. From one of our sources we have heard that CBS could pick it up and carry the weight for awhile. Time will tell for sure what the future is for Star Trek and

Rumors are flying that the fans and Roddenberry family may help keep the site going, so I ask you to admit that you are a Star Trek fan and let your voice on your blog share this information and help let the world know that you support Star Trek causes and efforts.

Leave your comments on the website and spread the word that you want this valuable resource for fans saved. Donate where and how you can, but spread the word.

For me, growing up in a farming community in the once backwoods of Washington State, I discovered a wide world outside of my tiny community of people of different languages, colors, shapes, sizes, and textures through watching Star Trek. My thinking and values were challenged with every episode, debating over the right to die, the right to be free, the right to choose, the right to make decisions for others, and when and how to pick my battles. Instead of mindlessly going forth, Star Trek taught me to reflect upon my choices, searching for various outcomes before making a decision. It taught me to find value in helping others, even through the sacrifice of yourself, and that always, the bigger picture is more important than the little picture of my life.

Many in the US live in a world of drugs, gangs, violence, fear, insecurity, and hopelessness. We need things to give us hope and courage and Star Trek sets a great example.

So tell the world what Star Trek means to you and do what you can to help save


In a recent news story on BBC News, Star Trek is the Most Missed TV Show of all television shows of the past. Why won’t the producers listen and keep awesome shows like “Enterprise” and bring us more Star Trek movies? Huh?

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