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Yahoo Gets

If you haven’t heard the news yet, has joined the Yahoo family.

We’re proud to announce that has joined the Yahoo! family. Together we’ll continue to improve how people discover, remember and share on the Internet, with a big emphasis on the power of community. We’re excited to be working with the Yahoo! Search team – they definitely get social systems and their potential to change the web. (We’re also excited to be joining our fraternal twin Flickr!) is a social bookmarking and tagging service where users can share favorite sites and web pages and is important to the blogging community. This will really benefit and possibly the users by putting the power of Yahoo! behind them, but a lot of people are not so happy about the mix. Why Google Did Not Pursue, by Subject Matters, offers an interesting view on why Google didn’t grab, but most people whine that if they are not on Yahoo!, they may not have access to the services of, returning to registration and passwords for access. And a lot of people think Google will win the wars of the search engine and browser preferences, so losing something they enjoy to different service worries them. I’m sure that if such services are necessary for Google’s success, they will jump. Still, it all bears consideration.

We’ll all have to wait and see what will happen as time goes by and the integration happens.

What do you think of the merger? Is this a good thing for Yahoo! or a better thing for How do you think it will impact your use of the service?

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  1. Posted December 12, 2005 at 11:36 am | Permalink

    I don’t know how good this was for Y! or del, but it sure was good for Simpy, as you can see here.

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