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Boosting Your Web Traffic – Simple How To

Paul Stamatiou’s How to Boost Your Blog Traffic is a great step by step process at simple and easy SEO how to to increase traffic to your blog, but also how to develop strong blogging techniques.

Before I get into getting your name out there, your blog has to have some style. Most web users are instantly turned off by tacky site designs or extreme neon colors. I know I won’t stay at a website too long if the layout or navigation annoys me. The goal is to have a unique blog, different than all the other weblogs on the net. The one thing I really stress to others is making it easy for your readers to contact you. It shouldn’t take a reader more than a click, if any, to find your email address or a contact form. This makes the reader feel like someone actually runs and cares about the website. An about page is also a great asset to have on a personal site or blog. The more a reader knows about you, the more they trust your content.

With high recommendations for blogging with WordPress, his steps include setting up and designing your blog to be highly usable, focus on content, content, and more content, and using Technorati, Blog Rings, and Feeds. It then goes on to help you understand the importants of your site statistics, helping to understand your users and audience and meeting their needs and interests.

I would only add the following, which he causually mentions at the end:

And check out more articles like Step-by-step Website Development Checklist and other Web Wise articles on this site to help you learn more about making your blog as SEO friendly as possible.

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