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Website Development – Redesign Versus Realign

There is a myth in website design that once the site is designed you can sit on your laurels and just wait for traffic. There is another myth that once you’ve designed a website, it’s never ending tweaking.

The first is definitely not true, as a website is a living entity, constantly undergoing changes and evolving to meet audience needs as well as changes in technology. The second is only partially true.

This part of the mythology of website design is wonderfully explained by A List Apart’s Cameraon Moll in “Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign”.

Like a kid in a candy store, we creatives redesign like it’s the new black. Why do we possess such an insatiable desire to refresh and remake? Why do we thrive on renewal? What tempts us to be seduced by the sway of renaissance?

While this article won’t analyze the psychological ambitions of right-brained elites and their innate desire to recreate, it will attempt to describe the difference between redesigning and realigning, as well the advantages of one over the other.

The article explores, step-by-step, the philosophy behind the concept of “realigning” rather than just redesigning.

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