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Benefits of Using Furl and Together for Research

Furl and Almost Perfect Together is an interesting correllation between Furl and and protecting research material. To understand the benefits of these two tools better, this is seriously worth a read.

As I’ve mentioned before, two web-based tools I use extensively to keep track of important or interesting online information are Furl and Both of these tools help me file links that I wish to remember or recommend, and allow me to share that information flexibly…Both Furl and will show, for each item in your collection, how many other people have bookmarked/saved the same item and then connect you to them.

I find this useful in both services. (I’ve encountereed some very interesting people, information, and ideas this way.) However, I think makes these connections between people just a tad easier than Furl. shows right in the main listing of recommended links the number of other users who have bookmarked that same item, and allows you to jump right over to those other collections. In Furl, you only see that information once you’ve already zeroed in on a particular item in an archive. It’s a minor difference of emphasis, but to me it matters. Again, that’s just my opinion.

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