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Beyond the Search – Searching the Invisible Web

Life Hacker’s Seek and Ye Shall Find – Searching the Invisible Web is designed to help the academic, but it is brilliant information for the researching and writing blogger.

The Web has become a big part of most students’ research processes; in fact, more people look on the Web for answers before checking any other reference. However, merely “Googling? something when it’s an obscure topic or if you need targeted information with a particular focus doesn’t always turn up the best results. That’s where the Invisible, or Deep Web, comes in.

What is the Deep Web?

The term “invisible web? or “deep web? refers to the vast repository of information that search engines and directories don’t have direct access to, like databases at university libraries, sites that require passwords to view, or sites that for some reason don’t want search engines to crawl them. Unlike pages on the visible Web (that is, the Web that you can access from search engines and directories), information in databases is generally inaccessible to the software spiders and crawlers that create search engine indexes.

Life Hacker lists some great tips, techniques, and resources to help you really dig into your research and into the deep web, rarely scratched by your average searcher.

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