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Website Design Psychology

Majoring in business communications at university, and starting my own design and ad agency when I was still in high school, the psychology of advertising has always fascinated me. Stylegala’s Design Psychology is a brilliant essay on the thought process behind web page design – or what should be behind every web page design.

Okay, that may sound like histrionics, but the job of designing a website is an exercise in promoting a brand or idea in an appealing manner while also eliciting specific human emotions and behaviors. The designer must know how to accomplish these aims within a host of constraints, including those presented by the medium, the physical space, the client’s specifics, the relevant social environment, and the content and purpose of the site. In some cases this job is like pulling a rabbit out of a hat. In others, it is like pulling an elephant out of a thimble. Clearly a job for David Copperfield. See what I mean about the need for an artist-psychologist?

The points the author, Andy Rutledge, makes are exceptionally valid and well worth a read. We’ll be talking more about this over the next month or so, so stay tuned.

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  3. […] Website Design Psychology […]

  4. […] Website Design Psychology […]

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