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Portals, Splash Pages, Guest Books, Midi Songs, Traffic Counters, and Other Web Duds

Beware the Web Fads of Yesteryear By Sean Carton in Publish is a look back, “not quite lovingly, at portals, splash pages and other Web duds.”

And while it’s tempting for developers (and their clients) to want to jump onto the virtual bandwagon of development fads, it’s important to examine what you’re trying to accomplish before hopping on board with new technology. What might seem cool and cutting edge today might seem pretty darn silly next quarter.

So to help you save money, development time, and client relations, today we present the list of the Top 10 Web Development Fads of the Past as a public service and a reminder about what happens when fads get the best of us. Try not to cringe and remember to forgive yourself if you participated in any of these.

He lists some great web duds, including portals, splash pages, e-postcards, guest books, midi songs, traffic counters, WAP, and awards.

Unfortunately, people are still using these out-of-date, hated-when-they-popped-up fads. People are still asking how to add visitor counters, guest books, and splash pages. I continue to be assaulted by music unrequested on web pages, even some big corportate sites!

Fads come and go, but quality lasts. Part of keeping up with the Internet Joneses is to understand what worked and what didn’t work in the past to get a handle on what will work in the future and if it will work for you.

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