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Top Speeding Tips for Windows XP

After the massive whams of hurricanes that have hit the Gulf Shores of the United States, and sitting in the middle of them, working on this blog and my other WordPress site has been incredibly painful as the power goes on and off and maintaining a digital cable line continued to be unstable. When the power began to stablize, I found I was having computer and online slow downs. Since my cable company is backlogged with hurricane repairs, I cleaned up, replaced, and tightened the cable connections as best I could, then tackled my computer as a source for the slow downs.

Hunting for tips and trips to speed up my computers, I found an article featuring Tech Builder’s 23 Ways To Speed WinXP Without Defrag.

Several of the tips in the article helped me turn my computers back into the race horses I knew them to be. The tips and tricks offered are safe to do, and in fact, they are things you should do regularly, like run defrage and cleanup your desktop, and open the machine and blow out the dust bunnies and look for problems inside the machine. Common sense tips.

So I decided that since these helped me, along with some other sites I found, that I’d stick with the theory that whatever benefits me must be of benefit to you, my faithful readers. So here is a list of sites offering top speeding tips for Windows XP. Backup your registry and system first!

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