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Accessibility Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Eyes Apart: Living with strabismus, a blog by Lois, who suffers with Strabismus which causes one or both eyes to not point in the same direction at the same time. She has written a lovely article about my main site, Taking Your Camera on the Road, highlighting the fact that producing a website that meets web standards and accessibility requirements doesn’t have to be boring.

Does the thought of accessibility conjure up images of bland web pages pared down to make them comply with someone else’s needs? Whoa there! You’ve obviously not been to Lorelle and Brent VanFossen’s website, Taking Your Camera on the Road. Their website demonstrates that accessibility is just the opposite of boring. It is inviting. It says, “Come in, we’ve got a place just for you!?

Lorelle says on her Accessibility page, “It is our policy to make our site as ‘accessible’ as possible, not just for our physically challenged users, but to make this site accessible via cell phones, hand held computers, all different kinds of Internet browsers, and readable from whatever country you are in.?

Lorelle describes how they “sold off most of our possessions and hit the road full-time? in 1996. Their experiences are interesting, but the thing that makes their website stand out is it’s feel. Just click on any link, and you’ll immediately feel at home. The site almost beckons you to grab a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate, prop up your feet, and enjoy a cozy winter afternoon with the keyboard in your lap. Or maybe take your laptop to the porch swing for a lazy summer afternoon. Oh well, we can dream!

Thank you, Lois, and to all of our fans, seeing and unseeing, able and disabled. Creating an accessible website isn’t just about laws, standards, or rules. It is also about love and compassion. Having worked with the disabled throughout my life, I’ve learned that limits are created in the mind not necessarily in the body. It is easy to open the door to information, education, and compassion through every effort you do, big or small. Creating an accessible website benefits milliions, not just you. And it helps that search engines adore websites designed with accessibility in mind.

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