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A Gallery of Website Layout Designs and Ideas

Website Layout Cookbook – An Illustrated Reference for Designing Website Layouts showcases various website layouts in a catalog format for you or your client to browse looking for possible layout styles.

As a reference for the web designer, this website provides over 500 layouts to use in planning and designing websites.

Various elements such as buttons, sidepanels, or headers can be taken from the layouts and combined with each other to create new custom layouts.

It is up to the designer to decide what to place within the layouts. A circle can be a photo, text, or a gradient fill. The choice is up to the designer’s imagination.

If you are a professional website designer, then these make great visual aids. If you are a novice, they are great for looking at what is possible, but you will have to look elsewhere for specific help to reproduce these layouts.

I think these are great but I am not happy about the site owner calling this a “cookbook”. A cookbook features the recipes and often include photographs, images, and specific instructions on how to put together the recipe. In this case, I’d call this a gallery of images as the recipes are totally missing. Still this is a good resource.

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    I am the one that created the site, Layout Cookbook, including the designs, and the layouts. I apologize if the name was misleading. The term “cookbook” in this sense comes from a designer’s point of view, not a programmer’s point of view. The design elements of the layouts are the ingredients, you mix-n-match them together to develop your own layout. (Rather than a programming how-to book where you are given code to develop the layouts.)

    It is based on another great book called “Graphic Design Cookbook: Mix and Match Recipes for Faster, Better Layouts”, which is a book of illustrations for graphic design artists, available from

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