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Mainstream Corporations – You Do Not Get to Blog

Bob Cauthorn in Corante writes “Memo to mainstream media: You don’t get to blog” and it’s a brilliant poke at companies and ad agencies who think blogging is the latest, hottest, next best technique to capture an audience’s attention and sell them things. According to Cauthorn – You do not get to blog.

“… I’m serious Bob, we’ve just gotta get some blogging going if we want cred…?

Oh. Dear.

In a just world, secret doors would open and people in lab coats and goggles would jab said editor with electrified barbs and cart his body off to study his atrophied brain. As the lab guys vanish again you would sit there stunned and feeling newly safe and thinking, “wow, that was close.?

No such luck. It is, after all, Our World and no secret doors opened and no people in lab coats and goggles came and you know… you just know… that somewhere in the towers of mainstream media this editor is getting snaps from aging publishers for getting jiggy with the youngsters by jumping into that blogging thing to snarl hella amounts of heinous cred, dude…

…Not that you won’t try. Currently, there’s a rush among traditional media outlets to get into that wicked bitchin’, snaps inducing “blogging thing.? Almost all of these efforts are agonizingly misguided.

Buzzword compliance is a big deal in traditional media. Unfortunately, in America, media leadership is marbled with mediocre minds. And, like loneliness, mediocrity craves company.

Publishers, editors and broadcasters feel precisely naked if they are not participating in the trend of the moment. They yap about innovation and then simply shamble along, following the lead of others. That’s why editors love editorial fads. If one person makes a mistake he or she gets blamed for it. If everyone makes the same mistake, it’s an industrywide experiment. No blame. Safety in the mind-numbed crowd…

His point is a good one. If you are going for marketing then stick to what you know. And then he makes this point that is so wonderful, many people will miss it unless they really read through the whole long article:

The notion that a media company should populate its blogs with with staff writers comes directly from the Academy of Stupid Old Ideas.

The real opportunity doesn’t involve spewing more of the same on the street, it involves inviting the outside voices to come inside.

A smart media company should become a hub for allowing outside blogs to get attention and an audience.

It’s in bold for a reason. It’s brilliant. If you want the attention from the world, then do whatever you need to do to interest bloggers in blogging about you. Give us material to work with and open your doors to let us come in and blog, not just because you think it’s a good marketing ploy.

Who among us does not want to vomit when you hear newspaper editors talk about being The Authority(tm) in their community. Isn’t better to focus on being Part Of The Community(tm)?


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