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Quick Online Tips Site – Good for Blogging Tips

I’ve been looking around for some top notch tips for bloggers blogging their way across the web and I ran across Quick Online Tips. The site is filled with good information, and I really enjoyed their posts on Complete Digg Tools Collection, 10 Smart Blogging Tips to Become a Better Blogger, 15 Popular Web Designing Tips and Tools, Bloggers Most Likely to Be Contacted by Aliens, How to Protect Copyrighted Content, and Legal Advice Guide for Bloggers.

If I was reviewing the site, for content I would give it a 10++, but for website design, web standards, and layout, I’d have to give it a 2. A tip for all websites and blogs which specialize in offering tips, resources, and information on web standards and how to techniques – put your effort where your mouth is and make your own sites meet web standards as an example for everyone.

Update: Quick Online Tips has totally changed their format and look, updating to a modern web design and underlying structure. It continues to offer some of the latest information on WordPress and blogging industry news, along with the continued 10++ for information and content. Great job!

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