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How to Print a Folder List

In WordPerfect, the Print command has an option to print a file list, a listing of all the files within that directory. You can print it to your printer or to the clipboard and then paste it into a document. This is brilliant for keeping track of the files, file sizes, and file dates of backups and comparisons.

I like to use it to create a list of images in a folder that I want to upload on a single post or gallery post on my site. I edit the list of images using search and replace in a text editor to make the list into HTML image tags. It sure beats typing in the names of every file in your image folder.

Unfortunately, I’m recovering from another computer crash and had to head to New Orleans for a work project, so I didn’t have WordPerfect installed. A quick trip to the web (after a long search to find an Internet connection) and I found How to Print a Folder (Directory) Listing from California State University – Windows NT QuickSteps.

The instructions to print directly to your printer, a list of files within a folder, at the Command Prompt (aka DOS prompt) type:

dir c:\folderpath > prn:

To save the list to a txt file, type:

dir c:\folderpath > c:\folderlist.txt

If you are in the folder, then you don’t need the c:\folderpath, just type:

dir > c:\folderlist.txt

I opened the text file and copied the file list into my text editor and after a few search and replaces and I’d turn that list into HTML image tags. Fast and easy.

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