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Google Page Rank Uses Domain Age to Score

As reported in my post on how Google ranks websites, Link Building Blog reports that Google does indeed pay close attention to the age of the domain.

It seems Google has intensified the ranking factor of one key data point that is very tough to manipulate: the age of your domain name. I have been keeping an eye on trends with Google’s search results and it seems that there is an increasing trend towards “trusted sites” owning page one. A “trusted site” is loosely defined by me as: an older domain, a nice mix of anchor text, links built over time, links coming in from all kinds of c class blocks, maybe a .edu snuck in there, etc.

The factor I want to focus in on and get your thoughts on though is the age of the domain. This seems to me to be a very important factor in top search rankings for Google in today’s climate.

I know a lot of people are worried about domain age playing a critical role in page ranking, but reports are that this isn’t the only criteria that goes into the pot to evaluate a website’s page rank. But the driving determination to eliminate spam and splog sites that open and close domains overnight lends more and more importance to domain age.

Just because you don’t have a 5 year old website, don’t give up. Concentrate on the content, building relationships and links, and making sure your audience knows you have the goods that are worth returning for.

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