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In Search of the Perfect Layout has led the pack in exposing and fixing web page layouts for a long time. Many websites today are designed using their design basics and CSS browser hacks, trying to fix what shouldn’t be broken in browsers, but is.

Now, they have a new website layout design and a great article on In Search of the One True Layout.

Pure CSS-based layouts have come a long way but they still have shortcomings that fail to address certain design goals without compromising the true separation of content and presentation.

In short, the problematic design goals are these:

Total Layout Flexibility: That is, the ability to order columns logically in the source while displaying them in any order desired. For any number of columns.

Equal Height Columns: Or more accurately, equal height columns without having to rely on faux columns.

Vertical placement of elements across grids/columns: Designers face the choice of relying on elements being a particular height, resorting to tables or simply not bothering.

The article tears apart basic web page layouts, struggling to find the perfect design and CSS structure, and exposes many of the bugs in browsers that make these simple layouts a coding nightmare.

If you are thinking of designing a WordPress Theme from scratch, or just tweaking your website design and layout, take time to go through this article very carefully as you will learn a lot about the struggles involved in website layouts and browser bugs.

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