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Google Tackles Travel Search

Google is expanding into various search and media products left and right with a vengence. Some will succeed, and succeed big, but others will fall by the wayside, but their willingness to try everything is part of the fun, and part of the risk.

Inside Google reports that Google is now linking to travel search sites, specifically Expedia, Orbitz, and Hotwire. and you can see a screenshot if you don’t want to try it out yourself because it isn’t that easy to try.

There isn’t a “travel search” link yet. You just type in the departure and arrival cities and hopefully the link to the flight information will appear within the first or second page of search results. Planning a trip from Mobile, Alabama, didn’t get very far for me, since Mobile is pronouced “Moh-beeel” but seen by search engines as “mo-bill” like your cell phone. But it does cover major world cities like Paris, London, Madrid, Seattle, DC, and Toronto.

Also, if you look closely, you will see other “sponsored” search results such as cell phone services, ISPs, and other related advertisers under a geographic grouping near the top of the search results, so travel isn’t the first such specialized search result.

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