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Blogging Weather and Video Blogging

With the amazing hurricane and storm season this year in the United States, it’s no suprise that if you blog about the weather, you are going to attract some attention. According to CyberJournalist, is going to stream Hurricane Wilma coverage, but more than that. While has been showcasing weather-related photographs from user uploads, they will now accept user submitted videos for the first time.

Weather Underground Blogs are now attracting a lot of attention. To start your own weather blog with Weather Underground, just click the Start Your Own Wunder Blog button and blog about the weather in your area.

Weather bloggers and masters like Jeff Masters and Steve Gregory have risen to star status with their indepth weather reporting and coverage. The graphics on Gregory’s blog alone are worth the visit as he showcases wind directions and speeds, air temperature, water temperatures, and so much more.

If you have a hankering for helping weather forecasters with news, updates, and on-the-spot reports, get involved with and Weather Underground for some serious weather participation.

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