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Splogs on the Rise on Blogspot

Netcraft reports “Google Draws Fire Over Blogspot Spam Blogs. It seems that about 39,000 fake blogs were created from among the 805,000 new blogs started on Blogspot over the past two weeks and FlightSplog, monitoring new blogs at Blogspot, “documented 2,763 porn splogs from a single splogger”. A “splog” is a “spam blog”.

The move prompted IceRocket to stop indexing new posts from, according to a blunt post from Mark Cuban, a major investor in IceRocket. Cuban says Blogspot indexing will resume once filters are adjusted, but warned Google to fix the problem or face a permanent ban. Bloggers are also focusing their fire on Google, which has stepped up its splog-squashing efforts in recent weeks but still can’t keep pace with the automated instasplogs. “If your motto truly is to do no evil, then you need to start putting some resources behind an effort to curb this train wreck,” LockerGnome’s Chris Pirillo advised Google.

Blogspot, owned by Google, is fighting back and working to stop Blogspot splogs from its search results, even though top bloggers’ names are being featured in the splogs – going for the page rank.


  1. Sue Fagalde Lick
    Posted March 16, 2009 at 10:30 pm | Permalink

    I’ve been splogged and I’m not amused. There is no contact or profile information on this alleged blog, but there are several Google ads, which makes me wonder if Google is involved. If somebody wants to use my copy with proper attribution, great. Otherwise, paws off.

    • Posted March 17, 2009 at 4:17 pm | Permalink

      “Splogged”? I believe you mean your content’s copyright has been violated. A splog is a type of blog known as a “spam blog” which may or may not use unoriginal content. A scraper is a type of blog that takes content from other people’s site via feeds and uses it, sometimes within Fair Use and often not. Some splogs are also scraper blogs. However, the issue at hand is copyright infringement, which I cover in What Do You Do When Someone Steals Your Content.

      Google is not involved. Anyone can have Google Adsense ads or Google ads if their terms of service permits it. As someone with a URL that reports to know something about professional writing, it’s also important that you must learn all about copyright infringement and how the web works in this modern day Internet world. I recommend you read that article for a brushing up on how it works, and how to inform the copyright violator appropriately and take action to protect yourself and your content.

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