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I woke up to find my site attacked by a comment spammer CAUGHT BY WORDPRESS!!!!

I bring it to your attention for several reasons. First, it was caught and marked for moderation because enough of the comment spam was clever enough to look, at first, sincere. Second, it was caught because enough of the comment spam didn’t make sense and looked suspicious, and WordPress caught it. Third, it’s a new trend in targetted “smarter” comment spam, and yes, WordPress caught it. Stopped it in its tracks before it could clutter up my blog.

It goes like this (XXXX represents their spam links, though I left a few “key” words in):

For WordPress users, the Save and Continue Editing button is there for a reason. Use it. XXXXXXX , If what I’m working on is critical, I will save and continue editing every 10 minutes or less, or when I step away from my computer.While it isn’t the Adult XXXXX , best idea, you can write your posts in good text editor or word processor, if XXXXXX , you have turned off all the curly character quotes and apostrophes and other tweaks that will mess up the text when you post it. Then copy and paste them into the Write Post panel and add your images and Prescription XXXXX Drug , other details. This will free you up from the XXXXXX , hassles of writing on a browser. Buy Valium XXXXXXXX , XXXXXX , Some celebrity bloggers can’t write for nuthin’. Spelling is bad, and stream of consciousness essays are almost impossible to follow. XXXXXXXXX Rolex , Others, well, you know they didn’t write it themselves, Adult XXXXX , though most do try. The writing sounds like a secretary or PR staff member, reporting more on the Online XXXXXX ,XXXX , promotional activities of the stars than XXXXX , really talking about their lives. Few keep up XXXXX , daily or even monthly posts, often with three month to one year gap between posts. Or they will blog constantly for a few months and then other interests XXXXXXX Sexy Woman , Buy XXXXX , will pull them away for long periods of time, like many bloggers. After all, celebrity bloggers aren’t much different than the rest of us bloggers, they just have a larger and more enthusiastic audience Online XXXXXXX ,XXXXX , XXXXX ,interested in their lives than we XXXXXXXXXXX and pictures. Right now, the Cheap XXXX , people XXXXXXX Sexy Woman , Buy XXXXXX Movie , are busy rescuing, saving, and protecting the animals and their protective habitats. They don’t have much time for taking pictures and uploading them Buy XXXXX Online , to the web. There is just too much to do. Online XXXXXXX ,XXXXXX , XXXXX , Online XXXXXX ,XXXXX , More information will be available in time. XXXXXXX , For the most FXXXng XXXX , part, it looks like the zoos and XXX , aquariums in New Orleans suffered XXX , little damage, XXXXX , compared to a lot of other areas. The Biloxi aquarium was destroyed but much XXXXX.

If you are familiar with this blog, you would recognize the posts about Screams Heard from Online Bloggers dealing with the Save and Continue Editing button, celebrity blogs, and the last part, how really touching, is about people writing in their blogs about Hurricane Katrina. ALL FROM THIS SITE.

So it now looks like comment spammer bots can go through and grab text from your posts and incorporate their spam links into comments mixed with your writing, and then spread it all over your site. They are getting smarter and smarter.

They just missed one big thing.


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  1. Posted October 23, 2005 at 1:18 am | Permalink

    Glad to hear it. 🙂

  2. Posted December 12, 2006 at 10:17 pm | Permalink

    I have a small family website using WP. (will be less small once I finally find an online multimedia gallery that works with Infomaniak’s far too restrictive memory limits and PHP restrictions!).
    However i have been forced to totally shut down user registration, as the !*first*! externally registered user was a manual human spammer, luckily he/she used a totally stupid email address.
    Another small site I manage was hit by some hungarian spammer, again with a weird email address, googling on it revealed several 1000(!) sites that either declared that email blacklisted or had been spammed by it.
    Luckily Spam Karma for WP is very very good!

  3. Posted December 12, 2006 at 11:51 pm | Permalink

    If your “first” registered commenter was comment spam, join the club. Forcing people to register for comments is a horrid thing to do and doesn’t invite comments. In fact, it often prevents them. And, as you have seen, it doesn’t work to stop comment spam.

    I get well over 1500 comment spam a day, on average lately. About 99% are caught by Akismet on this blog. I use a combination of Bad Behavior, Spam Karma, and Akismet on my other blogs and they all catch the majority of comment spam.

    Cool down and don’t get fussy about comment spam. Kill it and focus on the blogging and the legitimate comments. Your blog content is worth more than all the bullies out there who want to make our blogging experience miserable. With the right tools, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Remember, don’t let them win.

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