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McDonalds Starts Internal Corporate Blog

According to Clickz News, McDonald’s Dips Toe In Blogging Waters.

Last week, the company [McDonalds] began an internal program that introduced corporate blogs, available only on the corporate intranet, behind the firewall. While this is seen as a small first step, it’s an important one in a company the size of McDonald’s, said Steve Wilson, senior director of global Web communications for McDonalds. Wilson spoke to a crowd of bloggers and curious marketing folk at Monday’s BlogOn social media summit in New York.

“If your task is to move the culture of a company, you’re not going to move it by the flip of a switch,” Wilson said. “You have to show that an open dialogue can occur, and create an ongoing dialogue to move from point A to point B.”

Using a publishing platform from iUpload, McDonald’s has initiated a program for several departments and executives to begin blogging. It kicked off the program last week with a live blogging session by McDonald’s President and COO Michael Roberts. Senior executives gathered around to watch as employees were given the chance to ask Roberts questions during the two-hour session.

“We got questions that ranged from why people weren’t getting a certain size bonus to why we were making the menu more complex,” Wilson said. “If you looked at those executives around the table, you could see the fear of what would happen if a tough question was asked. When one was asked, we got through it with a matter-of-fact response, and you could see the relief.”

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