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Best Blogging Tools for Mac

Mac World’s Best Blogging Tools for Mac gives high marks as a blogging tool for Mac users.

These five tools range in power and complexity from simple-but-limited (TypePad, Blogger, and Blogspot) to do-pretty-much-anything-but-may-require-coding (WordPress). Movable Type is somewhere between these two extremes…

…WordPress – By contrast, WordPress is known for its easy setup. But at the same time, it’s the most powerful of these blogging tools. While WordPress is accessible enough for intermediate bloggers, advanced Web authors will really appreciate it.

WordPress is written in PHP and is an open-source app, so its code is freely accessible. And an active developer community works constantly to improve and enhance it. If you want something unusual, there’s a good chance that somebody has already written it (see “WordPress Plus?); if not, you’re welcome to write it yourself.

One of the two strikes against WordPress mentioned was the lack of multiple blogging abilities, which can actually be done through a variety of methods including WordPress Plugins or installing more than one copy of WordPress on a site. The other was the lack of good documentation. The reviewer must not have gotten a look at the WordPress Codex, the online manual for WordPress users, which improves daily through user input rather than just developer’s documenting how things should work. I like users helping users use WordPress for better quality documentation.

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