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100 Blogs in 100 Days – Go Blog Herald

In an amazing feat, Blog Herald is reviewing and discussing 100 different blogs over the course of 100 days. You can see their blog reviews at 100 Blogs in 100 Days category.

So far they have covered blogs on flying, international issues, shopping, parental tips, babbling topics, women’s history, women’s issues, energy drink reviews, exercise, the ripple effect, and so much more, it’s overwhelming. What a task. What a GOAL!

These 100 blogs in 100 days offers the blogger an example of what is out there in the blogosphere. It isn’t about what people are blogging about or the hottest topics or highest traffic. It’s about who is out there bloggging. What are they saying, how are they saying it, and what’s their message and how do they get it across. It’s like surfing through a smorgasboard of blogging from around the world.

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