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Website Development – Search Engine Submission Preparation

After you have produced amazingly worthwhile material and resources, and spent time optimizing your web pages, adding tags and categories, and making sure your site is as search engine friendly as possible, it’s time to begin the process of submitting your site to search engines.

BUT, there are a couple more things to do before you start your site submissions.

What, even now you won’t tell me to start submitting my pages to search engines? Soon, my friend, soon. There are still a few more tests that need to be done. After all, you want your page to look and respond at its best before the search engines grab hold of it.

Start Spreading the Word

Start a word-of-mouth and email campaign of your own to tell all your friends, relatives, co-workers, and people on the street that you have a new web page up. Remember, word-of-mouth is still the best advertising. Tell friends and business associates that you have updated your site and ask them to check it. Telll them to call or email you after checking, to let you know what they think. Be willing to accept their criticisms. Remember, your closest friends and family members, unless you have trained them otherwise, will only say nice things because that it what they are trained and expected to do. Take their comments lightly, and ask others to really tell you the truth.

Don’t take your web page design personally. The goal is to create pages that are user-friendly and easy to access, allowing everyone to enjoy reading them, not to win a “pretty” or “popularity” contest. These pages represent you and your business, so make sure they don’t suck. If you have a cluttered web page, then people think you are a cluttered person. If your web pages are clean, easy to use, and enjoyable, users and potential clients will look upon you as someone they can work with, a true professional. Make sure they pass the professional test.

If you are really serious about having the best site and blog possible, then consider submitting your WordPress site or blog for critique on the WordPress Forum in the Your WordPress section.

After you’ve had some people review your pages, and you’ve made more changes and revalidated, then it is time to start the search engine submission process.

Search Engine Web Page Submission

After all this work, your pages are ready and deserving of inclusion on search engines. Now, if you are using any version of WordPress, then search engines have probably already found you. You can still submit your site, especially to smaller search engines and directories, especially blog and tagging search engines and directories. WordPress comes ready from the box with built in pinging services, which send a “note” to search engines and directories to let them know you’ve posted and activated your site. A little follow through won’t hurt, if you are seriously into search engine optimization and page ranking.

Our site is packed with information on website development, helping you to understand how search engines work and what they are looking for. It’s also important to validate and check your website or blog feeds to make sure they are working as many search engines and directories accept site feeds for submission as well as the site URL.

The Website Submission Report Forum

Most search engine and directory submission forms will ask you the same basic questions. Some will only ask for your site URL or feed link, but others will ask for the site name, description and keywords. You need to be ready with that information before you begin, so you have them figured out and your submission information can stay fairly consistent.

Write or type out the following information about your site and keep it handy as a reference when you submit your site manually. For an example of how this might look, here is our main site’s reference information:

URL (web page address):
Website Name or Title:
Site Keywords:
Website Description (200-250 charaters max.):

My List of Articles on Submission to Top Search Engines, Directories, and Contests

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Site Submission Information and Resources

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    great info, helps alot! keep it up

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    An excellent search engine for website development. The general rule for preparing your site for search engines is to play fair, play nice, and meet all web standards. Thanks once again.

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