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Blog Site Search Engine Submissions

I’ve talked before about submitting your blog to Google’s sitemap and feed search engine submission service for inclusion in Google and Google Blogsearch, and our Web Wise category covers a lot of what it takes to prepare your blog or website for submission to search engines and how to create a search engine friendly site, so I was thrilled to start to run across more and more lists of blog submission sites that will allow you to submit your feed to their directories and search engines.

The RSS Top 55 – Best Blog Directory and RSS Submission Sites is probably the most comprehensive. The list didn’t stop with the Top 55 but now includes more than 100 feed blog directories and search engine submission sites.

Yahoo offers feed submissions, but you have to choose one RSS format and publish only one version of each separate content feed.

Two other popular feed search engine submission sites are RSS Specifications – RSS Search Engine Submissions and All RSS – RSS Search Engine Submissions, with a lot of duplication between them, so take care not to repeat your submissions.

Feed Submitter allows submission of your blog feed to multiple sites, though I found it had a moderate fail rate. There is a list of the sites your feed is submitted to, and a good example of what neglected comments look like – someone in need of the latest version of WordPress. 😉

Ari Paparo’s List of International Blog Search Engines is slightly dated, but may help you submit to some international blog search engines and directories.

You can also use ping services to let search engines and directories know you’ve updated your site. Pingomatic is one of the most popular. Or you can manually set up your pings from lists such as Ensight – Services to Ping or 56 RPC and RPC2 Services to Ping.

More Resources on Search Engines and Directories Feed Submissions

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