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ProBlogger’s One Year Anniversary – Top 20 Posts Showcased

I’ve mentioned Darren Rowse’s ProBlogger site before, packed to the brim with tons of tips, resources, and information you need to become a pro blogger yourself. In honor of the one year anniversary of ProBlogger, Darren’s released his 20 most popular posts.

These top 20 posts about blogging, marketing your blog, writing your blog, advertising on your blog, and search engine optimization should really be put into a book or class – Pro Blogging 101. They should be the first things you read if you want to be a serious blogger.

Congrats, Darren, on one year of ProBlogger, and thank you for helping educate us bloggers and inspiring us to raise the bar not only on our blogs but on ourselves. Your 31 Days to Building a Better Blog is a work of art and it pushed and shoved thousands and thousands of bloggers off their complacent butts to be better and to treat this like a serious business and not just a playground. Cheers.

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