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Touching the Spirit When Blogging

There are times when I’m so bored with facts and information that I see on so many blogs, and other times when I will burst into tears with just the simple act of reading a few lines in someone’s blog. Such was the case with Becky Works: I Thought I’d Have it All Together By Now, a blogger on

As always, Betty asked about my children. I mentioned my daughter, who survived a divorce earlier this year, and her face grew sad. “You know,? she said. “you have to admire her strength. My husband had affairs for years, but I had no skills and I was never strong enough to leave.?

I was dumbstruck. Betty and her husband seem so happy! Certainly she can’t mean this husband. She must have been married before. Widowed maybe? I don’t know how old she is exactly, but she has adult grandchildren.

I do admire my daughter’s strength. I got married right out of college and although I worked and considered myself independent, I went straight from my father’s protection to that of my husband. I have never lived on my own, signed a lease, bought a car. I mean, I have done those things, but not when the final responsibility was mine and mine alone.

I am sure Betty has strengths that she doesn’t credit herself with, but she’s right. It is brave to face those things alone. And I admire my daughter for having made it.

I usually don’t like quoting that much of a post, but the profound story she tells so beautifully in such a few words is a tapestry of three lives woven together. It’s beautiful.

This is an example of what I talk about so much on this blog. Content matters. Blogs have the power to change the world, even if they change just one person.

If you are wondering what to do with your free blog, or if you are considering signing up for the contest to be interviewed by me about your life and blog, and you want to impress me, this is a good example of making a good impression.

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