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Hello, users and testers!

To all of you new and older users, welcome to the WordPress Community, the “com” in 😀

I just thought that I would take a moment to not only welcome you to our little corner of the world but help you through a few of the ins and outs of

There is a lot you can do with your free blog. You can write about WordPress, or you can write about anything you want. For many people, this is the opportunity to share a special interest or aspect of your life that your current website or blog doesn’t allow you to do. Unleash your passions and blog about whatever it is that thrills and delights or even worries you.

Your free invite comes with some limitations as this isn’t the full WordPress version, but one that allows you, the blogger, to blog, and customization is currently limited to choosing Themes, creating categories and Pages, and little else. It’s about the content.

One of the benefits of having a invite is helping WordPress developers to develop WordPress. The current version being tested and developed on is WordPress 1.6 ALPHA. This means that it is still in the serious development stage and not ready for the public. So we, the specially invited guests of, are free to do whatever we want to do with our free blogs, but we also have an unwritten rule to help out the WordPress developers when we stumble on unusual behavior, action, or results.

feedback button for wordpress users

Helping WordPress Developers to Develop WordPress

Yes, users are kind of guinea pigs. We help out in the WordPress laboratory to help WordPress developers develop the newest and latest version of WordPress. Here is how you can help improve WordPress for everyone.

When you stumble upon anything that is odd, buggy, or not quite the result you expected, let the developers know by clicking the FEEDBACK button at the top right corner of your Administration Panels. It will popup a small window called “Hugs and Bugs” which will allow you to keep the developers informed of any problems you may have. And if you find a feature that you really love, be sure and send them a “hug” for doing such an amazing job.

WordPress Community:
If you have the Problem then I have the problem.

Be very specific with your information. Name the WordPress file you were using or the name of the Administration Panel where the problem occurred. Describe the actions you took before the problem occurred. Were you saving a post, clicking Save and Continue Editing, or Publish? Did it happen on the Add Category panel? What were you doing? Which browser and version are you using? Is the problem with the Theme or the Administration Panels? Give them as much information as possible without writing your life story. Get to the point and help them understand what happened so they can get right on fixing the problem.

There is something very important to remember. If you have the problem, I have the problem. You are helping everyone in the community to benefit from the bugs you find.

Do not post a note about the bug or problem on your site expecting the developers to find it. Honestly, I want them to spend as much time as possible concentrating on fixing and improving the programming code and not reading everyone’s blog on They don’t have time. Send the issue through the Feedback button and focus writing about whatever topic you choose on your site. It’s important that the bug reports get to the developers.

Thank You, Users

On behalf of ALL WordPress users, we want to thank you, the user, for taking time out of your lives to blog on

Not only are you part of the future of blogging and websites that will come from WordPressMU development, you are helping all WordPress users around the world to improve the next version of WordPress. Your feedback, input, and comments help those who put in long hours at their keyboards, with aching backs and behinds, to work overtime to create the best WordPress version possible.

WordPress has always been user-driven. The users help WordPress grow, expand, and improve. Risk takers, like users, provide hands-on, real life testing of the next version of WordPress. Your reports and input is critical to the success.

So thank you, from everyone who uses WordPress now and in the future. Your efforts on is making WordPress better, and we all will benefit.



  1. Posted September 20, 2005 at 3:58 pm | Permalink

    Do not post a note about the bug or problem on your site expecting the developers to find it.

    Hey, that was for me, lol…To my luck, there have been referers from Matt’s wp-admin interface, so it seems someone is reading. In my first post I sent a message through feedback box with a link because it would be just too large. The next ones I didn’t do it, but one Donncha answered one and the other it seems like Matt has read. But I’ll promise I’ll be a good boy from now on ;)…

  2. Posted September 20, 2005 at 4:19 pm | Permalink

    It’s not just for you. 😉

    The reality is that if you post on your blog, you are risking the information not being seen by the right people. This is not a rule, it’s just common sense. The more we keep the brilliant minds behind this focused on the code and not on our blogs, the faster and better they can make WordPress for us.

    People have such good comments, suggestions, and ideas for this up and coming version of WordPress. I so worry about them being lost in the shuffle.

    And I’m being totally sincere, as a WordPress user myself, that I and everyone really appreciates the help users are giving developers to improve WordPress. It’s going to be a “hum-dinger!”

  3. Posted September 21, 2005 at 12:57 am | Permalink

    Wow. I have been reading glimpses or this thingy for a few weeks now and wondered what was up. Your blog explaination was the first one to make sense to me.

    Until now I did not mind that i was nto part of the crowd! Now I totally want an invite!!

    hmmm How does one get an invite?

    Always enjoy your blogs!

  4. Posted September 21, 2005 at 7:59 am | Permalink

    Um, by not referring to it as a “ thingy”. 😉

    You ask. But you ask in the right place.

  5. Jack
    Posted October 18, 2005 at 2:28 am | Permalink

    hellooo, : )
    could you tell me how can I get a wordpress blog’s invite ?
    Can you send a invite to me ?

    tks !

  6. Posted October 18, 2005 at 9:05 am | Permalink

    To get an invite, go to the site and request one.

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